Linear Heat Detector Features & Benefits

Identifies and displays, at the control panel, the alarm location anywhere along its length when used with the exclusive Protect wire Alarm Point Location Meter. Also sensitivity not affected by changes in ambient temperature or length of cable used on the detection circuit Compensating adjustments are not required.

Steel inner conductors and select outer jackets, provide resistance to mechanical damage. It is simple to install and splice with common tools. Also junctions can be made without effecting the integrity of the system.

Compatible with other types of alarm initiating devices on the same circuit such as manual pull stations, thermalheat detectors and smoke detectors. It can be installed in hazardous areas when used with suitably approved Protectowire Control Panels. There is a full range of temperatures and models available to accommodate the most demanding applications. Different temperature detectors may be utilized in the same initiating circuit.

Available on stainless steel messenger wire for installations where mounting is difficult such as large open areas. There are portable test equipment available for easy field service. Ideally suited for activation of extinguishment equipment, such as deluge or pre-action sprinkler systems.