Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

YF-3 16 zone

YF-4 10 zone

YF-110 zone

YF-20 zone


Integrated circuit indicatior: each circuit in equipped with LED ondicators for fire circuit break and short - circuit , respectively.

The fire alarm circuit and the indicatior circuit are able to detect circuit breaker and offer protection against short - circuit.

The system can monitor battery over - charging and the voltage of the stand by battery to ensure that functions well in circmstances to prevent form disater.

Error detection for voltage source : when ever a voltage error is detected by th system , an error alarm will sound and charger fault "an indicatior" will be illuminated

Two stage alarm delay function to prevent false alarm

Self reset mode and non-self-reset mode are available for operators set if they want the panel to automatically reset the fire alarm signal after the fire signal is released or not

Many zone circuit configurations are available : 1L,2L,4L,5L,8L,12L,16,20L,24L (36ABS only)